‘Please accept me as MB’: Zambry to Perak people

“The Star” reports today! Read here

This is one of the funniest appeals I have ever heard, coming from a leader. Come on Zambry, what has happened to you? Will a real leader do that, appealing? You claimed, The Tuanku is on your side, the federal government is on your side; than why the need to appeal?

Well, you have proven us correct. You don’t have the support of majority Perakians. People do not regard you as legitimate Menteri Besar; the support Nizar has in Perak is enormous. You can do nothing about it for now.

People used to say, “Respect is earned, not demanded”. Likewise is leadership. You see, Leadership cannot survive without followership. It’s the willingness of people and in your case it’s the Perakians to follow that makes you a leader or Menteri Besar. People also like to follow those whom they have directly elected to lead them.

In your case Zambry, can you tell us honestly if you fit into this category? No, you don’t. Because you have been appointed by those in power without the consent of the people/ the followers.

Will you engage a nanny who is not acceptable to your children? If not how could you expect Perakians to accept you as MB?

Please do the right thing!