PM Najib could have done Better!

In my recent post “Will Najib release the 5 Hindraf leaders?” I had predicted Najib, upon assuming his premiership would surprise Malaysians and one that could be was the release of Hindraf leaders and other ISA detainees. My prediction came through; indeed, the new PM released 13 detainees, two from Hindraf.

But then frankly, Najib has missed his biggest opportunity that stood right before him. Instead of releasing all, he chose only 13 of them. For Hindraf this will not be seen as sincere gesture by the new PM. Any sensible person would know this is nothing but another attempt to convince Indians especially the Indian voters in today’s election.

I would not know who would win the election today but there are certain “Najib factors” that could result in favour of opposition, what otherwise could have been BN’s bright opportunity.

The release of 2 Hindraf leaders instead of 5 did not reflect the true aspiration of the government to regain Indians support. It appears to be a bait to convince voters than anything. Indians know this.

The latest report by the committee appointed by health ministry has somehow denied the strong evidence of brutality in Kugan’s death, disagreeing with the second pathologist port-mortem report. This could very well mean, the perpetrators responsible for Kugan’s death could escape sentence or even go scot-free.

Also another latest report that states the police had confiscated all evidences including photos and papers on Kugn’s case from pathologist office in University Hospital. It shows gross hard-handed attitude of authorities that can only be perceived as obvious attempt to destroy evidences.

If Indians in both Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang were to take these as considerations, I bet BN would not get the required Indians' votes to win convincingly.