Datukship goes to Bollywood

When we say Malaysian politicians never fail to amuse us, it's not an exaggeration.
The Malacca chief minister Mohd Ali Rustam's decision to confer a datukship to Sharukh Khan, the heartthrob of Bollywood is simply amazing. The amazement in fact has puzzled most minds in Malaysia. When pressed for deriving such decision Ali Rustam said, the actor has been recommended by Daim Zainuddin. The justification is because Khan has shot a number of movies in Malacca that made the state to become famous as tourist destination.
I wonder if it was because of Sharukh Khan, what was the role then for the tourism minister of Malaysia. We understand the tourism ministry spent millions of ringgits to promote Malaysia, where Malacca is a part of. Does it mean the effort and money spent by ministry to promote Malaysia a waste and ineffective?
It's not a question whether Sharukh Khan deserves the conferment of datukship but the merits the state considered to confer such honour to him. Don't we have many deserving Malaysians who could be considered for datukship? I see it as an insult to those individuals who have contributed enormously to Malaysia. All the chief of minister of Malacca has to do is to look around for a fireman, a nurse, a doctor, or a good Samaritan who runs an orphanage home. All of them are individuals who have dedicated their lives to help and save others. Their contribution cannot be equated with ringgit and sen.
And finally if this is the level of wisdom the chief minister projects to convince Malaysians to become a future DPM, it is not at all surprises me when Dr.Mahathir called him and the likes of him as bunch of jokers!