Totally unwarranted and Abuse of Power - Arresting a 6 year old Vaishnavi

Picture by Malaysiakini
Malaysiakini's report on Uthaya's Niece, 11 others held shocking.
The arrest of Hindraf leader's niece, a 6 year old Vaishnavi and others have really made me pissed of. Is making an attempt to hand over a note to PM of Malaysia by six year old terrorism? It occurs to me, the PM together with his Home Minister are out to destroy Indians in Malaysia.
Just before the Permatang Pauh by-election we had our Major Dailies flashed news stating that the PM had agreed to consider Hindraf's request. The PM even stopped by to attend the Hindu prayers conducted the by Hindus alleged as Hindraf members at a Chinese temple. Well, it was only a drama, in which the PM acted very well, successfully deceiving Indians in Malaysia. And as usual it was another empty promise by Dollah.
There is no secret, Malaysian Indians are angry over the way they have been treated all along and the unnecessary arrest and intimidation of Indians will never make Indians support BN or its' leaders in the near future. It may appear the government is above the Indians for now, but remember it is just another 4 years away before BN gets to lose its entire power if they continue to disregard the concerns of rakyat.