UMNO dynasty and R.A.H.M.A.N Theory – Rise and Fall of "RAHMAN"

When I first got to know about this theory or mystery for some of us, I had thought it was mere coincidence that the prime ministers of Malaysia who had succeeded their predecessors carried a letter in the name of RAHMAN as their initial in alphabetical sequence.
But it somehow perplexes me now to see how RAHMAN theory has tuned out to be for real. Hence, I have come to believe now Najib will become the Prime Minister Malaysia completing the full cycle of Rahman. Najib would also be the last PM ending the Umno dynasty. Tunku became the first premier of Malaysia at the age of 54 in 1957. He held his position until 1970. Two factors surfaced from Tunku that caught my attention are his name and age; RAHMAN, and 54 years. What that says?

Based on the theory Najib would have to be out from his premiership by year 2011 as that year completes 54 years of Umno’s perpetuation which also signifies Tunku Abdul Rahman’s age of 54 when he was appointed as PM. Though we have yet to witness the conclusion, the succession plan in place for Najib to take over is quite certain. The only other thing is the total period for Umno to rule. It’s real evident the party once considered almost indestructible is its way self-destructing itself. The disunity and infighting in Umno is all evident that something real bad is brewing. And everything that begins must end. In so saying we could conclude that Umno is destined to rule at least until year 2011.
In concurring this, it’s better for Pakatan Rakyat not to attempt to shake up the nature’s will. All Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat needs to do for now is to wait for the fateful year 2011. I’m confident Anwar could become the next PM, begins with the initial of Abdul Razak a new theory so to say.