Police and AG, can you please stop embarrassing us Malaysians?

Like it not we probably have the most tainted institutions in Malaysia. Top on the list now are Police and AG office. Yesterday we read how police had tempared with Raja Petra's article. Having acknowledged their acts, the prosecution team has requested for time from presiding judge to reconsider the appropriate charges against RPK.
Today once again we have heard another shocking revelation about an incident that shouldn't have happened at all. According to Malaysiakini's report, a retired senior police officer has claimed the then public prosecutor Ghani Patail had tampared his original investigation papers. How cheap and unethical this could be if proven to be true?
While countries around the world are seen to be improving their institutions we Malaysians are deteriorating in both professionally and morally. PM flip flop, DPM flip flop, Home Minister flip flop, Education Minister flip flop, Police department flip flop, AG flip flop and list continues....
Is this what we mean by Malaysia Boleh?