Difference Between Brazil and Malaysia is RM1.2 Billion

Brazil pays only RM 4.14bil for 50 Eurocopters and Malaysia Boleh with a whopping RM 2.317bil for just 12 units.
While I was reading Malaysia Today, I came across an interesting article titled "EUROCOPTER-HOW MUCH" written by one named T.Gopal. Being curious I checked the website address given below his writing as reference, only to be taken aback. What’s happening in this country?
When we say our politicians and ministers are embezzling, robbing, and plundering the wealth of Malaysia, is it an over-board statement? How else could we say then when the purchase of 12 Eurocopters E75 is found to be overprized by more than 1.2 billion ringgits in comparison with the same with Brazil?
So, it is most surprising when Dato Najib claims there was neither abuse nor corrupt practice in the purchase of these copters. Wow, that’s something. Maybe for those who are so seasoned with such practice, it would not occur that it is something bad and immoral especially for a senior politician, minister and the one who is going to be a PM soon. Each time a private deal break looses, revealing the exorbitant amount of tax payers’ money spent we have the minister concerned to quickly brush aside such claim to counter with some unacceptable explanation most often seen as ridicoulus.
What baffles me further is that despite all these allegations of mismanagement and corruption UMNO still prefers leaders of such back ground. Is it because the party could not find any eligible leader to lead this country? Or is it that it wants such leaders because they are likes like likes.
It is time we Malaysians really need to concern over these. We need to care who our leaders are, who our prime minister is, are they accountable for every action they take in the name of leadership and authority. Are they the real guardian for Malaysia and Malaysians?
Although we know the likely candidate who is going to become the next PM, we can’t keep mum to let him to make all the plundering to further plunge the country into economic disaster.
Please read the rest in Malaysia Today