Compassion and Cruelty

Today I came across two articles, one describing about humanity and compassion while another inhumanity and cruelty. The land that boasts religion, god and humanity and other human virtues seem to be stranger for basic human values. The star today reported about the brutal killings of dogs and cats in Setapak. It’s heart-wrenching to see how cruel these people are to those helpless animals and all for mere RM 30 per animal caught and killed. DBKL health department director Dr Zainol Ariffin Pawanchee, probably forgot to read his religious book to understand cruelty.

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But it was completely opposite in Australia. Worst wildfire in the history of Australia is wrecking the country. Residences destroyed, lives lost and people have lost their loved ones and homes. Unlike in Malaysia, we could see a fire fighter shares his water with an injured Australian Koala. It’s so touching to see how compassionate people could become.

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Where is the compassion Malaysia?