It's Called UMNO Politics!

When TDM initiated a war against royalty that followed the clippings of priorities, privileges and immunities of royal family, the majority Umno then was all out to see that war materialized. Of course opposition too supported that.THAT WAS NOT TREASON

Then recently when the Perlis and Terengganu rulers rejected the appointment of MBs the majority UMNO again showed their displeasure on decisions of the Sultans. There were even rallies and banners carrying slogans, some of them with humiliating words, like "Natang" which means binatang. Pak Lah said during his press conference he made his choice of MBs, and there must not be any changes referring to his disagreement with sultans. It did not stop there. The AG was asked to interfere where he wanted to meet the King to reverse his decision. Practically they were against the sultan.THAT TOO WAS NOT TREASON

Now we have a legitimate MB was betrayed by 3 defectors who were bought over during their captivity. Under the consequences the MB advised the sultan to dissolve the legislative assembly for which the sultan refused. Doesn't matter, at least the sultan could have waited for new developments before making his decision known. Unfortunately he did not. The new government that is not favourite of people was formed. So, the people in general feel there was a mistake on the part of sultan and for those who have been consistent with people's interests prioritized, it is important for them principally the sultan’s decision is to be challenged under the constitution which the very royals consented.THIS TIME IT'S TREASON BECAUSE LAWYER KARPAL SAID IT AND SENSIBLE MALAYS RECIPROCATE HIS OPINION.

It is nothing, in this country it's about hypocrisy. Like the “Sinchew” journalist puts it, UMNO is above the law and anything that doesn't favour UMNO becomes wrong, illegal, anti-Malay, anti-Islam and against the law and Royals, a better term they could manipulate this time around instead of using Ketuanan Melayu. I remember TDM saying many years ago, “Nabi Muhammad and other religious leaders in their time had long beard because they did not have shaving blades to shave unlike we people in the modern world now". For many including me it was a sensible thing to say, No Disrespect. The present scenario is also similar; Karpal and other learned individuals whose views and stances on Sultan are strictly based on law interpretation. It is neither Disrespect nor Treason.

Anyone who says otherwise is opportunists and hypocrites!