The TRUTH must be told no matter what so that JUSTICE shall live!

This topic says it all.

Earlier today, I read an article posted at Mahaguru58. The topic of the article was Karpal Singh & Family Gets death threat- 2 live bullets in mail. The blogger explained at length the alleged wrong of Karpal in challenging tuanku Sultan Perak and therefore a death threat for Mr.Karpal was not surprising (though he personally disagrees). Read his blog here.

In disagreeing with him, I made my comments on the said post. Though my comments were published initially, I realized that had been removed shortly after that. These were my comments to his post:-

“You said it was factual in your reply to Lita.

But I beg to differ from you. Malays in general are not the type of characters you refer here. The present Malays largely are well informed between right and wrong. We could see that in the recent election. Those Malays who fervently go against Karpal and Nizar are actually Umno goons. They are being exploited by Umno and BN for their own survival. When situation threatens Umno’s position to rule they would do anything like what they did in Terengganu when calling the sultan “Natang”. I’m sure you have not forgotten that, have you?

As you have rightly admitted our sultans are constitutional monarchies. They have limited powers and any ordinary rakyat could take them on legally had the sultans victimized them. The historical amendments to our constitution were made possible by a man who claimed to champion Malay rights in 1993. It was him who believed people like Karpal could do so if situation warrants suing a sultan. With all due respect, the sultan had erred, (please refer to retired appeal court judge Honorable NH Chan’s article in Malaysiakini). The tuanku sacked a Menteri Besar who was legitimately elected and one must not forget he is Malay. When Karpal made his intention to sue Tuanku known, he merely emphasized his rights as lawyer and citizen. Again it’s a Malay man he had wanted to defend.

Lastly, what we argue about is law of this country. Most of us are not experts in the subject and therefore we refer to arguments of the law experts in this country. Let me provide some references here:-

When the crisis first surfaced in Perak, the former election commission chairman for some unknown reason gave his view on what should have been the case when an assemblyman resigns. Unfortunately it was not heeded.

A judge who we believe is impartial. Justice NH Chan said very clearly. If he were to sit on the case that has been brought by Nizar now, we could say Nizar is the winner.

Law professor Azmi Sharom who is regular columnist of “The Star” has backed Karpal with his reasons by saying “It’s in the Constitution”.

Another law expert Prof Shad Saleem has written a lot about this subject.

Ku Li in his blog has wisely remarked; “Today’s crisis in Perak is about the legitimacy of the process by which a new state government has been formed in Perak. It’s not about the status of the Rulers”.

So my brother, your tone on this subject somehow gives us a perception you are condoning such threat. As someone who has been promoting good values of Islam, your view in this matter however doesn’t reflect your stance and it might send a wrong message suggesting “Two wrongs make a wrong, right” though I opine Mr.Karpal did no wrong”

I’m compelled to say this because I too believe and subscribe to the blogger’s philosophy that professes "The truth must be told no matter what so that justice shall live".