The (Non)Exemplary Leaders and The Education Minister!

If there is one word that became so famous in the last few days, it is without doubt “Celaka” which means damn according to Malay-English dictionary. I did not know the detriments of this word as my friends and I have had used it countless times in our conversation. But I’m sure none of us had ever taken that as offensive or felt offended.

Now we have people or shall I say the youth leaders of UMNO who have barged into the compound of an august house of this country. They cornered Karpal, the man who called them “Celeka Umno Youth” to demand an explanation and apology. Well, regardless of our political difference, all right thinking Malaysians will agree to this as total disrespect and violation of parliament principle. It’s undeniably a disgusting, shameful and despicable action as expressed by a commenter in Malaysiakini.

What make me perplexed are the actions and reactions of some of the leaders and ministers in this country. Do they realize every view expressed by them is not only heard by Umno but the entire population? Maybe could this be the real reason as to why UMNO is drifting apart from ordinary Malaysians.

In showing his Malay patriotism Aspiring Khir Toyo has warned Karpal and others by saying “We would do anything that is necessary to defend Umno and Malays”. – I find this as an intimidating and irresponsible reaction. Will a good leader respond in this manner?

Utusan Malaysia today (28th Feb) has quoted Umno VP Muhammad Taib remark “the action by the group of UMNO supporters barging into the compound of Parliament to confront Karpal as rational. He further added, it is the result of provocation when Karpal said he wanted to sue his majesty. To Muhammad Taib, I wish to reproduce a comment mad by Halimah Said in The Star today,

“When we accuse others of derhaka and treason against the Sultan, are we aware that the House of Parliament is the rightful abode of our constitutional monarchy, and to invade this sacrosanct space is more serious than demonstrating outside the Sultan’s istana?”

Of all the remarks, the worst comes from the leader and minister who supposedly guide and mentor the youth, young minds and teachers. Hishamuddin Hussein is proven to be a complete let down. In his reaction to the scuffle in parliament he has said to this effect (tv3 and Utusan Malaysia),

“Those UMNO members involved in the scuffle are willing to face the actions and charges. And I as the leader will stand by their side to extend whatever support they need”. Isn’t this most despicable word, to have had uttered by a youth leader, an education minister, law abiding citizen and probably a potential Prime Minister?

What Hisham has done is tantamount to condoning the act of hooliganism; it’s akin to “since you provoked me, I attack you”. Is it because of Hisham’s transformational leadership values that we see more and more young people become violent?

If so, every parent in Malaysia has valid reason to worry with him being the Education Minister!

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