Kugan's spirit 'lives on' in the House by Malaysiakini

One month has passed since the controversial death of 23-year-old car theft suspect A Kugan in police custody, but his spirit still lingers on in Parliament today as a BN MP stood up in protest over the issue.
Abdul Ghapur Salleh (BN-Kalabakan) has expressed his disappointment over the investigation into Kugan’s death as no one from the police force has been charged so far.
He stressed that an independent inquiry should be set up to investigate the police officers who are alleged to be involved in the case. Continue reading at Malaysiakini…..
Thanks to Ghapur Salleh. He is the one of the handful Barisan Nasional MPs who has clear conscience to stand up for fairness and justice. Like he pointed out in Dewan rakyat yesterday, it has been a month since Kugan’s brutal murder and there has been no significant progress despite public outcry on his fate.
The government and its’ various enforcement divisions are super efficient in handling cases that involve opposition leaders and others who criticize them while investigation into cases of their own scandals moving at snail speed. The existence of impartiality and prejudice are very much evident and to expect Malaysians to close their eyes would be real stupidity of our government. Let us look at some of high profile cases, how these cases are handled by authorities:-
Cases involving people who are not in favour of government
Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial- it’s speculated the delay is to ensure the DNA bill first to be amended in parliament.
Hindraf 5 – All the 5 leaders are being detained under ISA without trial. The government has turned their deaf ears to all calls and pleadings from Indian communities and others.
RPK’s sedition and other charges – Police is very efficient. Managed to arrest and prosecute RPK in very short period. ACA’s Corruption charges against the infamous 2 assemblymen in Perak – ACA was so efficient to charge them in court. However with them now in BN we could anticipate the case to take a back seat.
Arrest of Theresa Kok under ISA – Super efficient performance by Home Minister, all based on an irresponsible police report made by some UMNO quarters.
Kugan’s case – with clear evidence at hand, police and government have not taken any serious action against the perpetrators. For what we know, the accused have been assigned to desk jobs. AG has not made any decision on this yet.
MBCC (Menteri Besar’s Cow and Car) against MACC (Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission) - Commissioner Ahmad Said has managed to rap up the case at F1 speed and indicated “there is a strong evidence” against Khalid Ibrahim.
Cases involving people and VIPs of government.
Lingam’s tape – Enough evidence to prosecute but authorities do not move.
Dr.Mahathir’s interference in judiciary – Evidence produced but no prosecution
Altantuya Murder – Razak Baginda freed.
Bala PI missing in Action – Where, how, is he alive or dead no one knows.
Altantuya Murder – DPM has not been subject to any form of investigation though many strong possibilities surfaced to show his indirect interest/involvement
Anwar’s black eye police report against AG Ghani Patail – No action seen or words on it despite the fact it was done 8 months ago. From efficiency to inefficiency
Anwar’ black eye report against IGP Musa – No action so far
Bukit Bendera UMNO Chairman Ahmad Ismail’s seditious remark – No police action although so many police reports were made against him
DPM’s Eurocoptor deal- Billion dollar commission allegation – ACA/MACC and police did not even want to acknowledge the case.
Khir Toyo corrution - No Police case and no MACC
Now with so much discrepancies and prejudice what logics can government provide you and me or to claim that they are impartial and fair to all Malaysians? Wouldn’t we call that “Bullshit”?