Is Inconsistency the way forward for Ministers?

Just three days ago the works minister Mohd Zin Mohamed announced the toll hikes despite the financial difficulties faced by Malaysians during this uncertain economic down-turn. In responding his announcement, PM Pak Lah called on the works ministry and Malaysian cabinet to reconsider the decision to raise toll tariff, sighting the economic situation as reason.

Though Malaysians at large are relieved with the deferment of toll hikes, one wonders why the sudden change of mind in decision and the peculiarity in prime minister’s request to his own cabinet.

Another U-Turn by government is when the home minister retracted his earlier ruling to allow churches to use the word “Allah” with certain conditions. Malaysiakini termed this action as 2nd U-Turn by government after deferring toll hikes. The bemusing factor is when the minister said it was a mistake on the part of government in enacting the gazette of an order under the ISA Act in allowing the use of the word 'Allah' in Christian texts with restrictions.

I’m confused; how a government that has been ruling a country for more than half a century, claiming to have all the expertise continues to disappoint us in every aspect of their governance. A decision to raise toll was announced without due diligence and consultation. An order under ISA act was enacted without deliberation, though I’m of the opinion such order was irrelevant as “Allah” should be allowed for use by Christians. In this matter, it’s pleasing to know the respected religious leader Tok Guru Nik Aziz too has showed his generosity and open mindedness about non-Muslims using the word “Allah”.

Simply put, it is difficult for Malaysia to progress with such incompetent ministers administrering the government with recurring blunders. Will any investor in his sound mind take his multi-million dollar risks with an inconsistent and indecisive government?