10 MMMs I’ve come to respect most

You may ask what I mean by MMMs.

Well, it simply means Malaysian Malay Muslims. That’s right; over the last one year or so we have been listening and watching many pragmatic Malays in Malaysia. In many ways they demonstrate their positive beliefs and traits that affect the ordinary Malaysians especially the non-malays in one way or another.

Being a non Muslim who has been taught to respect other religions as my own, I have always maintained all religions including Islam are godly. Each time I’m faced with questions that ask me which religion is superior, I would recall the phrase my late father used to profess me; “river, no matter where it begins, always it confluences in the sea; likewise is the religion you embrace, you will reach the feet of god if you understand the meaning to truthfully follow its’ teaching” Hence, when I come across a handful of pragmatic notable Malay Muslims defending the equal rights of all Malaysians regardless of ones color and creed, they most certainly earn my respect. More of their likes in my view will help us Malaysians to become a truly multi-racial and multi-religious bangsa Malaysia.

The 10 Malaysian Malay Muslims whom I have come to respect are:

1) Spiritual Leader Tok Nik Aziz.

Representing a party that is known to be hardliners, his humbleness in life is exemplary to those who self-flatter themselves as religious Malay Muslims. His respect for others and their faiths and his virtue in treating all people as equal shows his true quality as religious person. He truly makes a fellow Muslim proud for his attributes and earning the respect of non-Muslim for fairness he displays.

2) Tunku Aziz – founder of Transparency International and VC of DAP.

To my understanding, Tunku Aziz is one of the few with admirable personality who never compromise principle and virtues for anything that comes his way. His position, actions and views have always emphasized the interest of all Malaysians based on equality, honesty and integrity. Tunku is a class by himself and a true Muslim compatriot who is highly respected by all right thinking Malaysians.

3) Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Like many Malaysians I first sympathized him for the inhumanely manner he was treated. He won my respect when he started voicing for fairness to other races. His call for ketuanan rakyat openly is something I find worth praising. His quote “anak melayu- anak saya, anak cina- anak saya and anak India pun anak saya” impacted me so much. If we could have leaders who claim to represent Malaysians to accept this mantra, Malaysia would soon become the dreamland of plural society.

4) Datuk Zaid Ibrahim – the former defacto law minister

I started admiring his courage and pragmatism when he became vocal in addressing the weaknesses in UMNO and government. His decency and ethical politics made him to outshine most Umno politicians. His choice to resign from the ministerial post over government biasness won my highest respect.

5) Raja Petra Kamaruddin- Malaysia Today

Born royal, grew up ordinary but lead a life of true warrior. His courage to voice against corruption, disparity and prejudice is not easy to match. His willingness to become a sacrificial lamb for good governance is adorable. I’m sure there must be thousands of Malaysians who are willing to accept RPK as their god brother or god son.

6) Datuk Nizar Jamaluddin – the legitimate Perak MB.

He was an ordinary man before GE 12. However, as elected Menteri Besar, he proved himself as one worthy leader. Though he comes from Pas which is pro-Malays and Muslims, as leader and MB Nizar demonstrated true professionalism. There will not be much to worry when leaders like Nizar run public office.

6) Haris Ibrahim

He is an ordinary lawyer and blogger (The people’s parliament) with extra-ordinary qualities that truly demonstrate his compassion and love for fellow humans. His tireless calls for equality among all Malaysians and to establish Bangsa Malaysia is something that has made him larger than life. Malaysians can be proud to have Haris Ibrahim as fellow Malaysian.

8) Azli Rahman

A Malaysian being in the profession of teaching, he now base in US. What made me impressed upon him is the way he articulate his impartial views on humanity, race and religion. Every word penned by him reflects his in-depth understanding and respect for fellow being. It would be tremendously great if Malaysia had a person like Azly to lead local educationists.

9) Dr.Syed Hussin Ali

He is a former UM lecturer specializing in sociology and anthropology and current deputy president of PKR. His qualities surfaced when he refused to contest in general election, a trait most politicians in Malaysia unable to emulate. His simple straight forward principle in life often amazes me. He may not be the shining star but his attributes are. Islam can be proud of this man.

10) Azmi Sharom

Azmi is law professor at UM and a columnist for ‘the Star’ daily. His column ‘The New Brave World’ is the favourite of many Malaysians. He is one of the open minded Malays who capture the many prevailing issues via his writing that are bothersome to Malaysians at large. Azmi Sharom is an exemplary of modern Malay who believes in himself and possesses the wisdom, quality and competence.

To all of you remarkable Malays, I am proud to calling you my Malaysian brothers; I’m proud to boast that my Malay brothers are truly amazing and if Bangsa Malaysia becomes a reality, it would be because of people like you.