Deputy Prime Ministers, Then and Now –" A Devil & Angel Story"

Reference is made to malaysiakini’s report on “I can prove Najib tried to bribe me”.

“I can prove Najib tried to bribe me” quoted malaysiakini referring to the open challenge of a PKR leader to Najib’s alleged corrupt attempt to lure opposition assemblymen in Perak. And before the story settles down I have another also from Malaysiakini before my eyes making me completely flabbergasted...

As an ordinary citizen of this country, I strongly feel the rule of law, in reality does not exist in Malaysia. Can anyone blame me or any others who share same perception with me? The period from 1997 until present day will always be remembered by Malaysians at large as the most trying times especially in the subject of good governance. In fact it’s the period we could say Malaysia turned its back to justice and human rights.

I can’t help but to compare and relate the different treatments accorded to Anwar and Najib. (I’m saying with full of conscience)

In my vivid memory I remember how the then DPM Anwar Ibrahim (1997-98) was accused of wrongdoings and sacked by his boss TDM. Anwar was beaten up (black eye incident) by the IGP and tried for sodomy and abuse of power. Many of these allegations were dubious, not proven in the eye of public. It was the first time in history when we witnessed mattress was brought to court as evidence. The chain of events that surfaced, slowly but surely diminished our hopes and trust in the institutions. Young children who never heard words such as “liwat” or sodomy started uttering them without knowing the meaning, thanks to Malaysian police. Despite all the “benefit of doubts” on his side, Anwar was found guilty and sentenced to jail. As Malaysians who abide by the laws, we accepted the verdict of the court although privately we thought otherwise. That was some 10 years ago.

Once again Malaysians are subject to similar situation now. The current DPM Najib is also being accused of many wrongdoings. At least 4 major accusations varying from corruption to murder have been hurled at him; Altantuya’s murder and the subsequent disappearance of Private Investigator Bala, DPM’s alleged involvement in fabricating Saiful Bukhari’s sodomy case allegation, Euro-copter purchase involving billions and the alleged 50million offer to PKR’s Fauzi Muda to lure PKR assemblymen to BN. The accusation is intensified to new level today with a massive coverage by Malaysiakini and many blogs on internet about a detailed news report on Altantuya’s murder published in “Liberation French Daily” in France.

The crucial question that flashes now in our mind, why is the double standard here? If the entire legal and judiciary fraternity in Malaysia could join hands to nail Anwar then, why the same standard is not followed in the case of Najib now, especially with so much of evidence and allegations surfaced? What the authority is going to do about all these allegations? We pose these questions here; Dear AG, will you be able to rise to the occasion to try Najib? Dear IGP will you be brave enough to investigate into Najib’s wrongdoings? Dear MACC, will you be impartial in investigating the alleged corrupt practices of DPM?

I shall emphasize unless the DPM goes through all these trials, he would not be able to garner support, respect and whatsoever assistance from ordinary Malaysians. Not only that, would he also be regarded as the first and most tainted PM Malaysia has ever seen.

Of course Najib is entitled to his rights to pleading innocent until proven guilty. But can we apply the same criteria to a man who will lead us and this country as PM? Remember Elizabeth Wong, all she did was sleeping in her own room, a little sexy; if she could be forced to resign from her position for sleeping innocently(which she resigned gracefully with honor) what say you about a man who is going to hold the most important position that affects the whole country? I remember a famous quotes by TDM, “a leader not only must be clean but must be seen clean”. Unfortunately in Najib’s case, we can say neither clean nor seen to be clean?

The issues, attitudes and prejudice which are explicitly obvious are what prompt me to conclude the DPMs then and now have different sets of rules to follow - The rules say Anwar must die but Najib must live forgetting the ultimate verdict is with people. Not Indians, not Chinese and certainly not Malays but all Malaysians, believe me it’ll be Malaysians’ Verdict. Najib has to go through the cleansing process if he truly wants to represent Malaysians!

I plead, make me wrong on this one – prove to Malaysians the rule of law is indeed alive and kicking in Malaysia.

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