Role of Tree in History

The recent historical event that took place under a rain tree in Perak refreshed my memory about the history lesson I learned when I was small.

The Malacca sultanate which descended throughout the peninsular had an interesting story. Parameswara, the runaway king of Sumetra while resting under a tree called Malacca, witnessed a mouse dear outwitted his hunter dog. Mesmerized by the strange incident he believed it was a good omen. For this reason he decided to establish his kingdom there and proclaimed the place as Malacca. That was some 600 years ago.

Today, our Malay rulers are proud to acknowledge they are the descendants of Parameswara the king who built the Malay empire.

The Perak state assembly speaker Siva Kumar made another historic moment when he reconvened the assembly under a rain tree on March 3rd 2009. If one were to take a closer look at the event, he or she would realize there are many similarities to that of Malacca.

Parameswara was chased out of his country. He was on the running until he founded Malacca under the Malacca tree.

Sivakumar too was denied his rights to enter the state assembly where he is the speaker. Left with no choice, he invoked his rights to reconvene his assembly under an Angsana tree and the session was witnessed by the whole world.

If it was Parameswara 600 years ago, it is Sivakumar 600 years later.

The interesting part; In Hinduism the name Parameswara is referred to Lord Siva. In the same note Sivakumar (lord Muruga) is the name of the son of lord Siva @ Parameswara. If Malacca tree became famous because Parameswara (the father), so is the Angsana tree in Perak because of Sivakumar (the son).