Will Najib release the 5 Hindraf leaders?

Now that Najib has become the president of UMNO, days away to assume the role of PM, can we expect him to do the right thing by releasing the ISA detainees especially the Hindraf Leaders?

I predict he would do so for few reasons.

1). He needs to show Malaysians that he is different from Pak Lah and his leadership style and he was not involved with his predecessor in detaining people.

2). Winning the upcoming by elections is seen as most important endorsement of his leadership. Releasing the 5 Hindraf leaders may diffuse the tension between Malaysian Indians and government. Strategically he could use it to woo Indian voters in Selambau.

3). He may be the PM of Malaysia but in the eye of many Malaysians he has full of scandals and his reputation is badly tarnished. Shifting people’s focus on freeing ISA detainees could give him the space to win back voters who have been angered over the political instability in Perak.

4). Nothing could hinder Najib if he wants to re-arrest the ISA detainees after their release. However the strategy to release them could pave him an opportunity to know if Indians had supported BN in Selambau.

So be prepared for some breaking news. I expect Najib to surprise Malaysians if he assumes the post of PM before 7th, the by-election date. What say you?