Selambau Predicament

For most Malaysians who wished to see strong opposition, it was a relief when the Selambau state assemblyman resigned ending the month long speculation of his purported joining to BN. The reasons the ex-adun Arumugam stated for his resignation among others were intimidation and harassment by BN members. With such serious allegation one wonders why until to-date there no action is taken by authorities to probe into his complaints?

In the meantime Selambau electorates are facing a by-election to select their new assemblyman. Whilst MIC has had announced their candidate in Ganesan, PKR made their choice in novice Manikumar. Unfortunately many Indians and their related bodies, including Makkal Sakti in Selambau have expressed their disapproval over the PKR’s choice.

The unexpected reaction by Indians in Selambau is certainly a cause for concern. To be fair to these people, I think PKR especially Anwar must understand the choice of right candidate who is acceptable to majority locals is crucial. PKR should not take things for granted ‘perceiving any candidate will do and most Malaysians would accept one as long as they wear opposition’s cap’. And to make matters worst it is expected up-to seven candidates could be contesting for the seat. Such attempts by independents could bring disastrous result to PKR as votes could sway, resulting PKR’s possible loss in election.

Wanting to represent the rakyat is not an easy task be them Makkal Shakti or other independent Indian aspirants. Having a mere 7,000 Indians as voters does not guarantee any candidate a victory. One should remember, you are going against a mighty BN, unless you are united under one entity as strong opposition, chances to win is nothing but a hope.

Sensibly speaking, opportunity is there for easy win but will Indians in Selambau be sensible enough to outwit BN? It’s time for them to engage in some serious thinking.