Does UMNO-BN risk its own extinction?

While I was watching a video clip which can be linked from this site, I heard this famous speaker Chopra saying; according to him some great scientists in their findings have concluded a permanently victorious species risks its own extinction an obvious reference to humans. The immediate thought that struck my mind then, does this also apply to Umno-BN?

Over the past 50 years the Umno with its coalition parties in BN had been continuously victorious, having won almost all generals elections. They have had also been enjoying exclusive authority over government, legal system and judiciary. For civil servants Umno is more of a religion than political. Undoubtedly Umno leaders have had become closed to invisible with the power vested in their name.

So, going by the theory could we say Umno risks with its own extinction? It seems so if we observe the current political scenarios in the country. Some of the happenings in the last one year that had caused this government became the most unpopular in the history include (Source-malaysiakini);

Bloody tragedy in Batu Burok on 9.9.2007 in Kuala Terengganu – Police shooting at protestors caused many to sustain serious injuries.

Bersih Rally on 10.11.2007 – Memorandum to His Majesty yang DiPertuan Agung. The rally attracted more than 40000 participants.

Tun Mahathir’s continuous criticism on Pak Lah's leadership and his government and the infighting in UMNO.

Hindraf Rally on 25.11.2007 – Dissatisfied with BN government’s treatment the minority Indians marched to the street. More than 30000 Indians took part. Police brutality and detainment of 5 Hindraf leaders under ISA resulted majority of Indians turn their back on BN.

General Election Tsunami on 8th March 2008 that caused Umno-BN losing 2/3 majority.

A flimsy second sodomy charge against Anwar Ibrahim that made people and the world to disbelieve the government.

Alleged involvement of the DPM’s wife in the murder of Altantuya and the subsequent disappearance of PI Balasubramaniam over his SD. Until today the police have yet to give a satisfactory explanation on his whereabouts and issues mentioned in his SD.

Dr.Osman’s Statuary Declaration on the result of a medical test conducted on Saiful Bukhari refuting the latter’s claim that he was raped (sodomy).

The revelation of Ramlang, the Imam who witnessed Saiful’s swearing on Koran, discrediting the swearing proper.

Anwar’s major victory in Permatang Pauh By-Election on 26.8.2008 despite the ferocious attack from Umno leaders.

Bukit Bendera Umno division chairman Ahmad Ismail’s controversial remark, calling Chinese “the squatters” that enraged the Chinese community.

The most recent arrests of RPK, Theresa and Tan of Sin Chew News Paper under the draconian law ISA that appears too political.

Show Cause letters issued by Home Minister to 3 news paper, Sin Chew, The Sun and Suara Keadilan an attempt that undermines press freedom in the country.

These and more are the issues that have placed the police, legal system and BN government into losing their credibility and trust of the people. These are the indications that suggest Malaysians at large eager to see the Umno-BN hegemony to end

With all burdens and flaws accumulated over the years, I could foresee the end is nearing for Umno-BN; however the question that puzzles me is why they don’t realize of their self-destruction process.