“Quotes” that question the wisdoms of Ministers.

Infamous quotes by Home Minister

1. “Journalist must be blamed too” according to Malaysiakini.

2. “Reporter’s life was threatened” according to the Star.

He is a senior member of Malaysian cabinet. He has held numerous positions before being appointed as home minister. And what he said instantaneously caused me to puke from my stomach. How in the world a man who had studied and practiced law could come out with such lame and most inappropriate reasons. It is an insult to the wisdom of ordinary Malaysian.


Infamous quotes from Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department who is also the Minister -in Charge for Religious Affairs.

1. “Detainees themselves to blame” according to the Star.

2. “What can Anwar give me?” -the Star

3. “Is he willing to give me the post Deputy Prime Minister?” - the star

4. “I am grateful at being made a minister in charge of the religious portfolio although I am not an Ulama” - the star

Wow, isn’t that something to have come out from a minister who holds religious affairs’ portfolio? To me he only seems to be interested in blaming others without basis and acquiring material gains for himself. Is this also part of religious practice?