You know how I feel about you Syed Hamid Albar?


When I read Syed Hamid has signed the papers to detain Raja Petra today for the next 2 years under ISA without trial my hatred for the Home Minister grew to the size of a mountain. I despise you to the worst and you seem to me more evil than human.

You are not home minister but evil minister.

You have sinned by arresting Tan, the reporter of Sin Chew news paper

You have sinned by arresting Teresa Kok

You have sinned by arresting RPK and extended his detention for 2 years without trial

You have sinned by arresting the 5 leaders of Hindraf movement which has resulted the emotional suffering of their family members.

You have sinned by detaining many others under ISA without trial and also made their families to suffer.

I think you have done great injustice to many innocent people. And the fact that you have made your worse actions during a fasting month, the holiest period for Muslims I believe you have condemned yourself with worst karmas that in god’s eye is not forgivable at all.

I feel very soon you are going be answerable to all your misdeeds. I believe there are thousands of them who are despising you right now. The pain and suffering of these innocent people is going make our lord you and I believe to be very unhappy.

I think your judgment day is nearing.

My prayers and wishes to RPK and all other ISA detainees and their families.