Malaysians' Unity in Diversity

It concerns nation; that is how it sounds, malaysiakini has almost all topics on Ahmad Ismail’s racial remark. Something must be fundamentally wrong in Malaysia that have resulted us into disputing about ones rights and loyalty as citizen. Is it true we still don’t trust each other and very much divided along racial line as Malay, Chinese, Indian and others?

What can we possibly do to strengthen our unity in diversity? Just few days ago a good friend of mine sent an email to me. A very good piece indeed, in fact I find the message is full of moral values that indirectly offer solutions to some of the concerns of our national unity. Well, it’s a speech of former president of India Hon. Abdul Kalam, delivered at University Malaya on 29.8.08.

Abdul Kalam says on…..


In my search for evolving a peaceful and prosperous society, I got a part answer. My search for real truth continues. I visited an ancient Christian monastery in Bulgaria, where I had a discussion with highly experienced monks on the message of Tawang. The Monk added that forgiveness is also the foundation of good life.

Giving a trait of Happiness

Similarly, I had a memorable experience in the birth place of Swami Vivekananda, a youth monk of India who could keep the audience spell bound in eastern and western society with his inspirational messages of spirituality and practical life, I explained the Tawang experience to the disciples and they too felt the Tawang experience indeed is beautiful and they added "Trait of Giving " will add to peace and happiness.

Good Deed results in good actions

I visited Ajmer Sharif (in the state of Rajasthan) where I participated in the Friday Namaz. Here, the Sufi expert told me that Almighty's creation, the man, has been challenged with another powerful creation of Shaitan. Only good deeds lead to good thinking, good thinking results into actions radiating love as commanded by Almighty.

The message from all these and other spiritual thinkers is that there are many ideas and spiritual thoughts which transcend religions, geographies and time. If only we could bridge the spirituality among religions and nations, many of the problems like the gaps between haves and have nots, deprivation causing unrest leading to extremism, the remnants of past animosities and war and several other road blocks to peace and prosperity can be tackled. I am sure the youth of Malaysia will be able to work on this theme for a safe world that they dream.

Dialogue of Cultures

I would like to recall one incident which commonly occurs in many parts of my country. I have witnessed this event when I was a young boy (10 yrs). In our house, periodically I used to see three different unique personalities meet. Pakshi Lakshmana Shastrigal, who was the head priest of the famous Rameshwaram temple and a vedic scholar, Rev Father Bodal, who built the first church in Rameswaram Island and my father who was an Imam in the mosque. All three of them used to sit and discuss the islands problems and find solutions. In addition they built several religious connectivities with compassion. These connectivities quietly spread to others in the island like the fragrance from the flowers. This sight always comes to my mind whenever, I discuss with people on Dialogue of religions. India has had this advantage of integration of minds for thousands of years. Throughout the world, the need to have a frank dialogue among cultures, religions and civilizations has been felt now more than ever. Now let me talk to you of a modern day platform for experimenting some of the S&T ideas of the youth.

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