Is Anwar walking the tight Rope?

916 was the day that for most of us, expecting for some “major changes”, as quoted by Anwar. It came and left with only disappointment. The two press conference (16th and 18th Sept) held by DSAI did not articulate any strategic moves nor did he name the MPs who were claimed to be supporting Pakatan rakyat.

My contention is this.

1) If the MPs are serious of Pakatan rakyat why are they keeping mum at this crucial hour? Isn’t’ this time for them to show their solidarity for Anwar, Pakatan and their commitment to this nation?

2) If the MPs are so reluctant to reveal their identities, can they be trusted in the new government? What is the level of their commitment? How to trust fence sitters who are not willing to come out of their shadows?

3) Anwar is risking his own credibility by trusting these MPs so much. The last thing we want to see, his credibility being doomed by some irresponsible MPs who are more interested in looking after their personal interest. Does Anwar realize this?

4) What if the PM refuses to call for emergency parliament session? What is Pakatan Rakyat going to do about it?

If Anwar is unsure of their commitment, it would be better that he just wait for the next parliament sitting in October which is less than a month. By then Anwar could re-strategize his next cause of action that includes “No Confidence Motion” against prime minister.