Truth exposed: Prime Minister and Ministers for all Malaysians?

In his press conference on 16th Sept 08, Datuk Ibrahim had candidly acknowledged the existence of “brick walls” that had constantly stopped him carrying out his planned reforms in judiciary and other related areas in the country. Frankly, through out my adulthood life I had never seen a serving minister in Malaysia who was so honest in admitting the shortfalls of the very government he was serving.

He shared his thoughts that reflected the current position of leaders and government. He emphasized a fact that is crucial to the leadership of this country is to “TRUST” all people in Malaysia. Hence, I’m appalled to learn the inconvenient truth that the PM and his cabinet have deceived the people all this while despite his promise to be the PM for all and ministers who said they were ministers for all. Zaid’s says:-

  • The government is not fully committed to the basic principles that respects all rights of all citizens that demonstrate one system, one people and one nation
  • The leaders and ministers practice discrimination.
  • The country lacks commitment and conviction to implement reforms
  • Rule of law is merely a lip service
  • The leadership doesn’t respect and trust its multi-ethnic citizens
  • Leadership practices racism, ethnocentrism and bigotry
  • ISA should not be invoked on ordinary citizens of this country

If these are the issues affecting this nation, it makes all the senses for Malaysians to worry. Imagine we have a government that is led by all those racists and bigots. In fact the present government has lost its moral ground to rule Malaysians with this revelation. Bangsa Malaysia will remain as another slogan and nothing more under the circumstances.

Zaid Ibrahim had this to say on his resignation, “I hope this will trigger people and government to do something about the changes that we so badly require. His action and principle deserve tribute from every citizen who truly believes as Malaysian.

Are there anymore leaders and ministers in BN who thinks Malaysian to emulate Zaid Ibrahim, in his or her spirit of true Malaysian?