You and I the most dangerous predators of the land


According to scientists, if insects disappeared from this planet earth, all lives would stop or ceased completely in 5 years time as they are so important to the ecosystem. On the other hand if we human species disappeared, this planet would flourish in 5 years time.” What it means is that we the human species are the most dangerous predators on the earth.

The dark side of human species

We are multiplying like cancer-cells, we are couching, we are plundering, we are spreading and we are destroying. Humans are the only species that kill its own kind most frequently in the name of god. We are the only species that capable of racism, ethnocentrism, bigotry and hatred and war. We are only species that cause the destruction of other species and at this moment risking our own destruction.

The bright side of human species

We are the only species that ask ourselves where did we come from; what is the purpose and meaning of our existence; what happens to us after our death; do we have a soul; does god exist; if he does, does he care about us……

Watch here the world renowned mind and body healer speaks…

I must confess if only we had one Deepak Chopra in Malaysia, we could have achieved amazing unity among different ethnics. We wouldn’t have seen what we saw today. Malaysiakini reported “Ahmad’s supporters protest at Umno emergency meeting”, protestors shouted Hidup Melayu. Do we need such racial stand from Malays, Chinese or Indians?

We are one, all of us are created for one and only purpose, unfortunately we are so preoccupied with our infighting over race, religion and material.

Will we ever learn?