Great power MUST come with Great Responsibility

While sharing my happiness with Teresa and others on her release from ISA, I think we have a serious problem with police in Malaysia. Their action once again reminds me of the famous quote, "with great power comes great responsibility."

The legendary American President Franklin Roosevelt (1882-1945) have had in numerous times spoken about power and responsibility during in office.

He remarked in his 1945 state of the union address: "In a democratic world, as in a democratic Nation, power must be linked with responsibility...." (From Living Ideas in America, ed. by Henry Steele Commager, p. 703 of the 1951 Harper & Brothers hardcover.)

And in a letter dated sometime in 1908, Theodore Roosevelt said something to this effect, “...I believe in power; but I believe that responsibility should go with power..." (From T.R.: The Last Romantic by H.W. Brands, pp. 628-9 of the 1997 Basic Books hardcover; the letter was published by Harvard in The Letters of Theodore Roosevelt, 8 volumes, 1951-54.)

In discharging his duty as home minister, Syed Hamid is seen to be very negligent and irresponsible. We now know police have been blatant in some cases such as Teresa's, Tan and Raja Petra. Arresting people by solely relying on accusations that is unsubstantiated must stop.

Law and order is to safeguard the innocent public, lest that not be used for wrong purposes. Home Minister please be responsible and please remember an ex-colleague of yours who is very knowledgeable even remarked, it was strange to arrest people only to conduct investigation later. Show your good side.