Is it TRUST or TEMPLE that was demolished? updated

Photo: malaysiakini

So it’s true lah. I received a text message in the afternoon stating that the Sri Mahakaliamman temple in Ampang Jaya, Selangor was demolished on 19th Sept 08. The message carried a sender’s number which seemed to be of a third party service provider. Unsure of its fact, I wrote to Malaysiakini providing it with the whole content of text message I had received for confirmation.

And now it’s confirmed. According Malaysiakini’s report today @ that says Samy slams temple demolition in Pakatan-controlled Selangor. It’s shocking; how could this happen in a state that is controlled by Pakatan Rakyat. Selangor government had promised there would never be a similar incident in the future and in less than 6 months we have to face with another demolition. The PR government owes a detailed explanation and unreserved apology to all Indians in Malaysia.

Or is it a sabotage by BN henchmen in PR government? There seems to be deliberate attempts by certain parties to create unrest among Malaysians of different ethic groups for political mileage. Pakatan Rakyat needs to explain before it’s too late. Those responsible for the demolition must be made answerable and prompt action must be meted out against them.

I’m very sure Indian community will be angered and it worries me!


According to Ampang MP, Puan Zuraida, they only came to know of the temple being demolished as it was underway. As she was away, she immediately requested her party members and Aduns to rush to the scene. However by the time they reached the scene it was too late as MPAJ had nearly completed the demolition.

Zuraida also claimed that she had settled the situation with the local Indians and temple committee members and promised to do her best & take action against those responsible. The MP suspected agent provocateurs & possible hidden MIC supporters were involved and were suspected to be behind this effort. No further complaints were brought up to the opposition in regards to that and she was surprised with the police report and Samy’s statements.

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