"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility."

Malaysiakini reported:

“Raja Petra was arrested under ISA around 1.10pm according to his wife”.

“ISA arrest widens: Sin Chew journalist held by police at 8.30pm”

“ISA dragnet widens: MP Theresa Kok too at 11.18pm”

Theresa Kok and Sin Chew Daily journalist Tan Hoon Cheng have been arrested along with RPK under the draconian Internal Security Act. In the midst of repeated calls by various bodies and individuals on the government to refrain from invoking ISA, the government's latest highhanded approach reflects its’ insensitiveness to the wish of Malaysians.

It also shows the government of the day is somehow incapable to resolve issues that affecting the nation and her people.

Peter Parker, the Spiderman would say this, “with great power comes great responsibility.” But I’m extremely doubtful if this could make any sense in our country. Perhaps it would be more precise to say “in Malaysia with great power comes great oppression”.